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How much should I charge for minding 9 month old?

How much should I charge for minding 9 month old?           reply
03/12/2015 21:36 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Louth)
I´m new here and I´m about to start minding a 9 month old baby in my home. I have agreed 5 euro per hour with the child´s mom and because she works different hours, I´ve agreed to charge on the basis of when the child is with me rather than a fixed daily rate no matter how many hours.
I know I´ve already agreed on price but just wanted to get people´s thoughts on this. My dh thinks I should have charged a daily rate. Am I being too cheap? I´ll be minding the baby some days ten hours a day and others could be 6 hours a day. Im not greedy and thought it be fair to just charge the hours she uses no?

re : How much should I charge for minding 9 month old?           reply
04/12/2015 06:47 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
As youv agreed it with family now, personally I´d never change it now but my opinion on it is what youv agreed to will be extremely messy. I once had a pay as they use as mum clearly stated she couldn´t afford a set rate and would simply keep looking and so decision mine whether to take work or not. The huge issue is they´ll not come if they sick or can manage themselves or on holidays, why would they use/pay you? The minute my case needed a change I fixed minimum use so at least I´d guaranteed fee. Ill never offer pay as they use again.
Often I hear on first contact Granny is around and loves help out which means to me granny will help with childcare but can´t commit to set hours and mammy needs to have fulltime cmer on standby. It´s awful also if your planned for working and they cancel at last minute and youv missed out on something. You´ll start to feel used.
€5 an hr is average rate but as flexibility and a long 10 hr day, I agree it´s too low. Minding any aged child is huge responsibility but more so under 15mths, ensure youv insurance in place for peace of mind and current first aid.

re... : How much should I charge for minding 9 month old?           reply
04/12/2015 09:22 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Thanks minderofchild, great advice. It seems I´ve got myself in a pickle now! I hope they stick to the days arranged and not change things along the way now. I feel stupid now. And can´t change the agreement. I knew it was about 5 per hour but didn´t think being flexible I should charge more. Wish me luck and hope they don´t ness me about. Thanks again, much appreciated.

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