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How much should I expect?

How much should I expect?           reply
18/03/2014 20:44 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Dublin West)
Hi guys ,
I´m currently a leaving cert student.I have been asked to do childminding for an aunty and uncle this summer once my exams are over and I´m just wondering what the ´going rate´ would be for someone in my position as i´m not too sure what to expect.

Here´s my situation, The child is 10 months and her parents work odd shift work , sometimes including nights .
The most amount of days I would be needed is 4 days in a row . It could work out that I will only have to work 1 day a week because of the way their roster is done out , but they have agreed that I would be payed for the 4 pays anyway.
There is also a possibility that I might have to do the odd 24 hr shift but this may only happen 3/4 times the whole summer . I may have to live in their house some days if night are involved or early starts.
I´m doing it from their home.
Their days are usually 8-12 hours but nothing more than that .Its in the swords, Dublin region

I´m not too sure how much they will pay so im just looking for a few pointers.
Any info will be greatly appreciated !
Thank you!

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