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How much should I pay please?

How much should I pay please?           reply
06/01/2016 16:13 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Dublin North)
Hi there
Just wondering how much I should pay for the following 4 days per week :
2 children 8 and 3 dropped to childminder at 7.30am. She gives breakfast (I supply)
Drops 8 yo to school at 9.00am 10 mins away
No further contact with 8 yo.

Minds 3 yo until 5.30. I supply all food. The person is unregistered, I know her well and want to be fair.

I haven´t had kids minded before so in the dark about rates. Thanks so much for any advice.

re : How much should I pay please?           reply
06/01/2016 21:51 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I know it´s not want you want to hear but I´ll write it anyway. A childminder is under no obligation to register with anyone other than revenue and have insurance. However many will register with Childminding Ireland and/or County childcare committe for their own professional development.
Placing your kids in an uninsured environment is running a risk...a very simple case would be your child running a trike into glass door and it shatters and your child requires facial surgery or falling with a glass in hand, the list is endless. Ask you friend if she willing declare her income and house insurance policies cover two kids for free normally. A school run in a car requires extra insurance also. My own kids last year travelled in a car passing for which I paid cash, the amount of people who asked me re this arrangement was unbelievable and my answer always was we were sharing which was true for older kids but not my smaller kids. I used to worry so much n only three minute journey. People will soon know your friend is childminding. This has become hugely important in recent years as insurance companies are gone so deep in investigating claims.
If your friend has never childminded before, draw up a contract between ye as so easy fall out. As for rates draw up a price between ye but for info average rates for registered childminder is €5 an hr per child, average €8 to 9.50 for two. Check Dublin county childcare and Childminding Ireland for lists of registered childminders in your area and weigh it all up...

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