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How much to charge for 1 or 2 afterschool?

How much to charge for 1 or 2 afterschool?           reply
17/02/2015 19:52 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I am going to be minding a 3 year old from 12.15-5.30 once or twice a week and occasionally a sibling from 3-5.30. I am wondering what I should charge? I was thinking €30 when minding one and an extra €10 when I mind them both. This would include all food and collection from playschool and school which is only a few minutes away. Does this sound a reasonable amount to ask for? Also there may be times when I have them both for a full day (9hrs). A friend advised me to charge €80 - €85 for this including all meals - does this sound reasonable? This will be mainly term time and no specific set days. No holiday pay to be paid etc.
Thanks in advance for you advice:]

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