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How much to pay a stay-at-home mother

How much to pay a stay-at-home mother           reply
08/12/2016 17:28 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Dublin South)
Recently interviewed a potential childminder and I feel so awkward and clueless about the cost. I mentioned €10 per hour because I thought I had to pay minimum wage. She said..."yeah, 10 to 12 euro". I said I´d discuss it with my partner and get back to her. Now finding that that is really the higher end of the scale. She will also be minding her little one who is 11 months. She is talking about taking them out on the bus to a play-center on rainy days - would I be expected to pay the €2 entrance and her bus fare also? And I think we´ll get her to provide food. Liked her in every other way but don´t want to get stuck into paying a price that is higher than average and feel resentful of it.

re : How much to pay a stay-at-home mother           reply
08/12/2016 18:36 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I´m assuming your talking about a childminder in her home since your talking about her providing food. The going rate for a registered, insured childminder with first aid, garda vetting, qualified in childcare is approximately €5 an hour. Often the more hours a reduced day/weekly rate is calculated. I would see having her own child an advantage as children benefit greatly from mixing with all ages in small group setting.
Majority childminders offering good service will cover playgroups, outings etc. Is this her first time minding as experienced would give their rate as well as contract. Do check what she´s offering for your payment as many childminders don´t realise the responsibility theyv undertaken. Ask and see her reaction, first aid and insurance is vital for protection of any child.

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