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How to get on with teenagers?

How to get on with teenagers?           reply
08/10/2012 23:46 - Teenage Issues
I am a journalist with the news website I am writing a piece about how to get on with teenagers and I am asking a number of figures. I was hoping some mums might have some sterling advice that I could include in my article. Any advice you guys might have that would be useful, interesting or funny for our readers I would appreciate if you got in touch with me on or repy here. Thanks so much for your help.

re : How to get on with teenagers?           reply
24/11/2012 17:12 - Teenage Issues
Best advice i was given is not to be their friend. They have lots of friends, they need parents who will reign them in when they step out of line. Humour and lots of it is needed as they will test every limit! If a teenager has one "good adult" (i.e. someone that gives them time and attention, then they will feel supported. This can be a relative, friends older sibling, a teacher, mentor etc who takes notice in them without judging them. I think as adults we should remember how wonderful teenagers and how privileged we are to get to watch them grow and bloom into consider adults!

re... : How to get on with teenagers?           reply
25/09/2019 12:55 - Teenage Issues
Try to just be their friend. Keep your ground rules but remember they are going through a tough time

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