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Introducing myself

Introducing myself           reply
09/01/2015 12:50 - Introduce Yourself
My name is Haydee Vence and I am Spanish. I live in a little village next to Vigo, in the north west coast of Spain.

I spent two summers in Tralee, Co. Kerry with the family of Ms. Celia Doyle when I was a teenager. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only I learnt a lot of English, but also travelled a lot in Ireland with Ms. Doyle and her family. I had a great time with her daughter Mary and her son Liam, and their friends also.

That is precisely the kind of experience I am looking for my daughters, Marta and Gabriela, aged 14 and 13. I would like to connect with any family with girls around 12 and 15 years old to manage a direct exchange.

The idea would be to send my daughers for a 3-4 weeks period of time next summer, and then, receive an Irish student, interested in learning Spanish for a similar period of time.

Summer holidays start in Spain around June the 19th, so the exchange would be possible from that date on, until the school term begins in Ireland.

I would appreciate any interested family to contact me by mail, so I can provide any further information.

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