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Irish grinds

Irish grinds           reply
27/09/2010 14:30 - Wanted (Locality: Galway)

I´m looking for Irish grinds to help prepare for the Post grad interview in primary education. I am based in Galway and have an A2 in Honours LC Irish. Its been a few years since i´ve spoken it properly.

If anyone can help or has any advice i would be very appreciative.


re : Irish grinds           reply
13/10/2010 14:53 - Wanted
Hi there, I was recently accepted onto Hibernia. It´s really difficult and no more than yourself I was an A1 student in school. My old Irish teacher recommend I do online grinds as her PhD counterpart is running them. It was much easier than leaving the house as I have small children and she is so thorough. It´s a different type of idea I suppose but I really found them good. PM me for more details. All the best and hope it all goes well for you.
Irishteacher (to be!)

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