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Is this too little??

Is this too little??           reply
15/05/2015 17:59 - How much should I charge or pay
Is 180 euros too little for minding a 22month old 8 to 6 and 7yr old sibling from 3 to 6 five days a week? When sibling on summer hols its only 20 euros more. Also does light housework. Asking for a friend who thinks its too little after seeing the prices etc. here and has been feeling a bit undervalued for a while now. Both parents have very good jobs but are not very approachable re money.

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18/05/2015 18:07 - How much should I charge or pay
Shes been there for a while and she must bath both kids every single day plus if either parent home early she still has to stay til six even if theyre sitting there watching tv.Shes had enough now and is handing in her notice.Serves them right coz they wont get another like her,shes an absolute fab minder.Their loss. They have a great life for themselves,then scrounge on childcare,shows how much they value their kids.

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15/05/2015 19:31 - How much should I charge or pay
My god, that´s she nanny in family home she entitled to minimum wage, holiday entitlement etc and a payslip, her family should register with revenue as her employer...
This is reason I post here as such abuse in chchildminding....she should immediately ask for payrise n cut out housework, let them get a cleaner for €15 an hr..., how long has she been with them...

re... : Is this too little??           reply
18/05/2015 19:01 - How much should I charge or pay
It´s the way society is though in many cases in childcare...but if everyone refused to work for peanuts a minimum standard would at least apply..also some people can spot an inexperienced person a mile away..shes right to move on, they´re can only be nicer families out there, tell her read everything on being a nanny and now with experience n a reference she can set a standard for´s tough though if shortage of families in her area...

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