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Length of school day

Length of school day           reply
23/11/2010 09:59 - School holidays / Inservice
I´m testing the waters for parents/carers opinions on this matter. Is anyone concerned about

. Early school closure for staff meeting specifically on more than one staff meeting per term.
. Late notification to parent of these meetings.
. Extended early home-time for junior infants beyond the reccommended first two weeks of the new school year.
. Early school closure for parent teacher meetings.

I would be interested to hear from you if you have an opion on any of the above. Regards

re : Length of school day           reply
03/12/2010 02:04 - School holidays / Inservice
No concern here.I chose to have children and i also work.I just don´t get why parents are so concerned about 1/2 days,meetings in school hours,etc.I think people forget that there´s alot of planning for teachers and as parents we would be the first to complain if the teachers were disorganised or never met with us.Is the real issue that parents don´t want to take time off work or pay extra costs for childminding for the children they chose to have.

re : Length of school day           reply
02/12/2010 14:34 - School holidays / Inservice
Great idea! Many parents start work at eight, so lets open the schools at ten minutes to. Then we can ask the school to stay open until 6.30, to allow parents time to collect them.
This would save parents babysitting costs, and allow for great flexibility in the workforce. The money saved could be spent, thus generating economic growth.

In times of inclement weather like here, schools could have staff sleep on premises, thus ensuring that schools are able to open.

Excellent idea.

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