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Level, Mark, Grade, Effort explain please

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06/01/2010 20:37 - Ask Mother Hen
Thank you very much!

re : Level, Mark, Grade, Effort explain please           reply
06/01/2010 19:35 - Ask Mother Hen

Most time grades are allocated for 1/2 exams only they do not include homework etc. Depending on the school they may give separate grade for effort. Grades are allocated as follows
A - 85-100%
B - 70 - 84%
C - 55 - 69%
D - 40 - 54 %

Marks in most state examinations are allocated for one exam only. Depending on the level of the exam, students can take higher, ordinary or foundation level paper and grades as sub-divided ie A1, A2. Each grade is weighted by points for entry into the third level education system. Goto to where students sitting their final exams apply for a place in University, this shows how grades are weighted by points. I hope you find this answer useful.

Level, Mark, Grade, Effort explain please           reply
01/01/2010 14:37 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Cork)
We are new to Irish grade system in a secondary school.
I received my son;s End of Year Report and was shocked...
1. Are the grades based only on tests at the last week of the first semester or they are from 1 september - 22 december including homework and current tests during that period?
2. Who is deciding what level the pupil should go and based on what?
3. Mark- is it % and how much is A? B? C? D? F?
4. Grade, how many grades are here and what are they?
5. Effort, how is it possible to have a grade D and effort 4 or a grade A and effort 3?

Thank you very much

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