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Maternity leave

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11/03/2014 22:15 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Sounds like Mom is going to be busy and might need you! I was minding a little fella last yr and when his Mom went on mat leave and after baby was born I was needed most days until babe was about 3 wks old... then Granny was able to help out a lot and suddenly I was surplus to requirements! I was minding the little boy about once a wk and then it petered out completely. Id say you should gently ask Mom what her intentions are... you need to plan your finances!
Good luck!

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12/03/2014 11:27 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I would agree a retainer fee, say at least two days a week, up to parent then if you get kids, be sure to plan which days otherwise youll be all over the shop and couldnt plan to work elsewgere on your days off. With a retainer fee at least youll have a guaranteed income to plan.

Maternity leave           reply
11/03/2014 20:48 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hello, just have a query re. maternity leave.
I mind two boys (2 1/2 years & 10 months) three/four days a week, in my own home from 9 - 6pm. Their mother is pregnant & due to go on leave end of Aug. The last time she had leave, it lasted over 9 months and I was not minding child on a regular basis, one day a week sometimes none. Should I expect to mind the children as usual when she´s on leave or what?
Did anyone else have similar problem...? Any advice welcome!!

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