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Minister to meet school book publishers

Minister to meet school book publishers           reply
08/06/2011 16:36 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
Minister Quinn to meet school book publishers re the high cost pf school books , see

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29/08/2013 08:51 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms

I am completely frustrated today having kitted my child out for Secondary School trawled every website and secondhand book shop throughout the summer I sent my child to school yesterday. I was very proud of the fact that
in a recession I had even managed to have a full uniform & set of books!
He came home yesterday distraught 3 teachers had told him his books were of no use to him they would only work with the new editions!!!! This is only serving to keep the Publishers in business and the teachers should refuse to co-operate with this rip-off....the geography of the world does not change..Business book now comes with a "free" workbook (which cannot of course be sold seperately) and Maths cannot update by much!!
I am furious that having struggled so much its still not good enough. Its time that the Minister for Education does more than meet with the Publishers.Rental schemes should be mandatory for all schools if the books are going to change from year to year or insist that books cannot be changed for a set number of years.

re... : Minister to meet school book publishers           reply
07/09/2013 21:07 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
Yes, same nonsense in Thurles. Son had brothers English book but was V2 and teacher insisted on V3. Out again and spent € 23.99 . Got home and compared the schools.... minor differences. Think problem is too young teachers with no experience of managing a household budget and have no idea of the cost of living

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