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Mount Temple versus Dominican College

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21/12/2010 09:33 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Thank you so much for your very helpful reply.
It has certainly thrown more light on the matter.I wasn´t aware of such large groups entering together from local feeder schools, I suppose I just thought that most first years would know very few people. We´ll continue to talk about it and work it out together and hopefully whatever we all decide will turn out to be the very best decision for her.
Thanks again.

re : Mount Temple versus Dominican College           reply
20/12/2010 20:51 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Both are as you say very different, my own daughter is starting in Dominicans (2011) and I have two nieces already in there. I also have a nephew in Mount Temple all seem to be very happy with their respective schools. I assume you have their names down in both? as they are not easy to get into outside of their strict admission criteria.
If I could get my daughter into Mount Temple I would certainly consider it because I personally think mixed schools are a better environment for boys and girls. Domincans is a good school, it is very heavily populated by local feeder schools with big numbers coming straight in from the same schools. Twenty three from my daughters sixth class are going to Domincans so that gives you an idea. Girls in Dominicans will have already established friendships, a lot will play with the same sporting clubs outside and hang out together. So I guess if your not from one of the feeder schools your child may take longer to settle in. I had one other niece who found it very very difficult to settle in Dominicans and is now in another school. I would involve your daughter in the choice and friends are a big reason too even one will make a difference.

Mount Temple versus Dominican College           reply
19/12/2010 12:21 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures (Locality: Dublin North)
We are trying to decide which of these schools would be best suited for our daughter. They are very different, on paper anyway. mixed V. all girls, no uniform V. uniform. relaxed approach V. lots of rules . I´ve checked out both web sites for the schools, Mount Temple´s isn´t great and gives very little information while The Dominicans is fairly comprehensive. She is quite open to both of them but we really want to make the right decision together. I´m a little overwhelmed by the decision as I really don´t want to get it wrong. Does anyone have any experience with either school? or can anyone throw some light on to the matter. Thank you for any help you can send my way.

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