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Moving from Spain - advice needed

Moving from Spain - advice needed           reply
19/09/2013 07:59 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Hi. My family and I will be moving to Dublin in 2014. I have 3 girls (ages 9 and 6 and 20mths). I´ve looked for my answers on the internet, but here are a few questions I have not yet found an answer to. I´m hoping someone out there can help me out.

My questions are:
- Are there any primary schools in Dublin that offer Spanish?
- Are all primary schools the same with regards to their curriculum, or do some have additional focuses (I would love to find a primary school that integrates a Performing Arts curriculum - does one exist?)
- My 9 year old will be 3 months away from turning 11 by the time she starts school in Dublin, will she have to learn Irish?... will she be coming in too late to do well in her junior exams? Are there extra-study groups that help prep students for the exams?
- We haven´t yet decided on our exact arrival date. Is it possible to start primary school mid-year (january)?

Any other advice on Primary schools (the best one, best neighboorhood etc), would be appreciated - I haven´t found any ranking system.

re : Moving from Spain - advice needed           reply
18/12/2013 13:15 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
The International School of Dublin has Spanish as its second language. The children have Spanish class in two groups - one for beginners and one for advanced/native speakers.
More info can be found on our website:
Hope this helps!

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