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Moving to Cork from America

Moving to Cork from America           reply
03/04/2012 16:07 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures (Locality: Cork)
My husband has accepted a job in Cork and we will be moving my two boys ages 8 and 15 in the summer. In American my oldest would start 10th grade and my youngest 3rd grade. We can live anywhere in Cork, so where are the best schools located? Is there a resource that rates schools by marks, graduation rates, testing scores, or any of that? Right now we live in Georgia which according to many sources is rated 50 out 50 for their schools, so I am concerned that my kids will be behind. Any suggestions?

re : Moving to Cork from America           reply
04/04/2012 22:24 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Good luck on your move to Cork. A few questions before I offer advice. In what area of Cork, approximately, will your husband be working? Do you intend staying in Cork in the long term or perhaps just for a year? When will your elder boy be 16? Will he be 16 this summer?
The reason I ask you this is with a view to securing a place in a second level (secondary school). For starters, the grade names are quite different here. Primary school is for 4/5 year olds to 12/13 year olds, while secondary is for pupils 12/13 to 18/19 approximately, depending on whether the pupil completes transition year (which is a 4th year in secondary school where pupils do work experience and other subjects which they may not otherwise do). In some schools, transition year is compulsory, while in others it is optional.
There are some private, fee paying schools but these are not necessarily better than non fee paying schools. What subjects is your elder son interested in at the moment? Based on his age, I would say that it would be a good time to move him as he could start in either transition year or 5th year. Much would depend on the subjects available to him in the school you happen to secure a place.
If you could indicate an area, then I would be happy to pm you and suggest schools you could apply to. For your younger boy, there are some particularly good primary schools but you would need to apply as soon as possible.
Best of luck.

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