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Moving to new area - will we get school place?

Moving to new area - will we get school place?           reply
23/04/2013 20:06 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures (Locality: Dublin South)
We are currently in the process of buying a house in south Dublin. i have an 18 month old and one in the oven! I´m not so worried about the unborn but ds is registered in loads of schools except for anything in or near the area we have finally settled on buying.
Does anyone know what the story is with actually getting a place? Do we have a hope? And does there come a point where a school has to take him - Surely he´s entitled to an education... I have begun applying to the local schools even though purchase of house isn´t finalised. getting worried now that he wont get anything and we can´t afford private school.
thanks for any advice :o)

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