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My 14 year old won't go to school

My 14 year old won´t go to school           reply
24/09/2014 19:18 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi I am new to this site and have never posted before. I am reaching out to anyone that might be able to help me or who have been in my situation. It all started when my child was severely bullied in second year at school. I couldn´t get him to finish his year as he couldn´t face going back there. I got him counselling to help him and got him into a new school but to my horror he just couldn´t bring himself to start there his anxiety´s seem to be very bad. It has affected the whole family some days I can barely get out of bed. I feel I let him down . I don´t know what to do. Loosing hope as the days go on

re : My 14 year old won´t go to school           reply
29/09/2014 15:39 - Ask Mother Hen
Dear Mum,
This must be very distressing and stressful for both you and the child. Sounds like you both need support. I would suggest you come and talk with me or a Parent Mentor to get support so you can support your child. Remember, your child does not want to be at home, but home is safe. Therefore, understanding and compassion are vital in dealing with the teen at this difficult time. You teen can do a One Day Assertiveness day that can be very helpful and is attended by children or teens who have been bullied. Contact to get information - apparently 80% of those who attend are who get skills are not bullied anymore as they learn to assert themselves. My site is and I see parents 1:1 or contact IARM which is the Association of Adult Relationship Mentors. Wishing you the very best. Sheila

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