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My Daughter keeps breaking this certain School rule.

My Daughter keeps breaking this certain School rule.           reply
12/11/2014 02:17 - Ask Mother Hen
My 8yr old daughter is breaking a certain School rule everyday. That rule is "when weather is unpleasant and especially in winter, kids cannot go outside to play until jackets are on and fully fastened (zipped and buttoned).

DD does wear her jacket but only buttons the jacket but usually another child sees her only doing up buttons so gets teacher who then says "nice try but when we say zip and buttons need done up, thats what we mean so unbutton jacket and fasten zip as well". She reluctantly does fasten the zip and buttons so that she gets outside.

For what its worth, it is the School uniform jacket supplied as part of uniform so must be worn to School.

Anyway the School introduced the rule because last year during Winter, kids were coming back into class with soaking wet uniforms due to playing in snow with unfastened jackets.

So, what are your opinions on this School rule and how can I get Helen to obey School rule?

In my opinion it is a sensible rule (Helen disagrees though) because if weather is unpleasant, and by that I mean heavy rain, gale force winds or snow, then jackets SHOULD be fully zipped and buttoned as its "common sense" plus by saying "fully fastened" then there are no issues as to how high zip should be fastened.

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