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New Childminder

New Childminder           reply
22/10/2015 10:14 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Kildare)
I´m French and I´m new in Ireland (Co. Kildare).
In France I was a childminder and I also want to be a childminder here.
Can someone help me because I don´t know what should I do to begin to work.
Thanks a lot

re : New Childminder           reply
22/10/2015 16:37 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi have a read of Kildare county childcare committe or indeed other counties, some are better than others and Childminding Ireland. To start childminding in Ireland you literally can just advertise and take on kids...however if you want to seen as a professional service ensure youv insurance in place and register,,you´ll have better standard of a working environment, have peace of mind as we´v all heard of kids having accidents etc and be your own boss...
iv no idea how France works but it would be interesting to know, best of luck with it all.

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