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New to Childminding- LOTS of questions.

New to Childminding- LOTS of questions.           reply
19/03/2013 17:08 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Mayo)
Hi Ladies,
I have decided to ditch working 9-5 away from my daughter.Shes one now. I honestly love being at home with her but I do need an income even if its a lot less than I would of had at work. I honestly love being at home with her, and getting down and silly, park trips ect so I think I´d really enjoy childminding too as well as it being good for her to learn to socialize ect.

I do not have any completed courses regarding childcare, but have done a lot of study into infant/early childhood psychology and development in my own time as its something I am genuinely interested in.

I have applied for Garda vetting but heard it can take months to come back, will I be ok to go ahead and search for a child to mind in the meantime?

I will be minding chil(ren) in my own home, and read the going rate is 5Euro p/h. Is this true?

Do I need extra car insurance if I want to take child to the park ect? If so where do I get it?

Do I need to contact the revenue and let them know I plan on working from home?

Is there anything else you wish someone had told you starting out?

Thanks in Advance.

re : New to Childminding- LOTS of questions.           reply
20/03/2013 10:10 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I would recommend you register with Childminding Ireland. They are a valuable source of information. You should get childminding insurance and do a first aid course. Also look into having childminding insurance for your car if needed. I´m sure having your own lo your house is child friendly. Make sure you set clearly your terms and conditions to any prospective parents, and from my experience get paid in advance. Hope that helps and the very best of luck, it´s a very hard job but very rewarding.

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