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New to childminding

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25/08/2013 13:04 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
i agree.thats the best way to do it..i was minding.2 kids.a couple of yrs .ago.nice enough family.i had the kids. 4days/4hrs a week .it was to be the the holidays but it changed.the husbands .sister took them for 2 days.and i had them for 2 days.and sometimes.i had them 1 day.last minute thing.the sister take them out.i was also left.with no hrs.a couple of times.during the sister.took them away for a was my fault.really. i made the mistake.of not charging.for holidays.they took.or any last minute day of.they decided to take.another .mistake i made.was not charging 10 euro.for their home.i charged 8 euro.ive learnt a lesson since then.i looked after those kids well.they got a treat every friday.easter time.they got eggs..i dident do christmas as i left before that.a freind asked me.did they bring back.something from their.holidays.i said no.she said something small even a fridge magnet.just to show.their appriciation.since then i use contracts.i state my terms.and i stick by them.

New to childminding           reply
24/08/2013 16:17 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Mayo)
I am starting up my own childminding service from my house in January. I have 3years experience working in childcare and have a9 year old and a baby due soon. I have no idea what to charge for childminding. I would provide all meals daily for the children and will do school pick ups and drop offs as I live very close to the school/play school. Parents will provide nappies and formula. Would possibly prefer to charge a daily rate rather than an hourly.

re : New to childminding           reply
25/08/2013 07:38 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I always get parents to bring food, nappies and wipes, havent meet one yet that doesnt want to do that. Some parents like them organic snacks etc and they cost a fair bit plus if child fussy eater etc. So handy to have everything in child´s bag.
I charge €5 an hour strictly if part-time hours. €2 for second (some charge €3 here).
I find through email or on the phone the best way to sort out the money. Be prepared in your answering/confident. I add up the hours, multiply the figure by the hourly rate required and then I round the figure down to the next nearest round figure so 8 hours by 7euro is 56 so 50 daily rate. if one child I dont round off as no need. Also if school runs involved add extra for your fuel and the hassle of them.
Early on I made the mistake of having a lady arrive to my house, all going well then subject of money. Unfort her figure was about 60% of what I needed to charge in order to justify the work that would be involved. Its better to hear/read the shock in people re money than to see/hear it in person in your own home.
On meeting the parent (after money decided) then I have a simple contact drawn up and get the child/ren details/doctor etc, I have the hours stated, the money, the terms of when I get paid or dont get paid (I dont charge for Bank hols, days I need off or holiday term time for teachers (although this is under review should I get a teacher requiring full time care again). I do charge for days child/ren sick as Im available to work).
I dont also charge for day child/ren first come to stay a few hours to get used of me/house/new situation. However Iv found if you treat parents nicely, remember children at birthdays/holidays, they will return the niceness of bringing gifts at appropriate times etc. However like all childminders Im aware of the horror stories that can happen!!! If you let yourself be a door mat, some people will unfort will walk on you and as I say be laughing all the way to the bank with the money your saving them.

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