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Occasional childminding fees

Occasional childminding fees           reply
25/07/2019 13:22 - How much should I charge or pay (Locality: Waterford)
Hi. Just wondering if anybody could give me some info.
I am working like a nanny with qualifications and many years experience. I was asked to mind two young children on a Saturday wedding, belonging to 2 different families. Their childminder pulled back in the very last minute. Just wondering how much to charge as I am not used to do occasional childminding. The wedding starts early afternoon nd goes into night. Thanks for any information.

re : Occasional childminding fees           reply
25/07/2019 22:36 - How much should I charge or pay
I think the usual procedure is as kids will be attending wedding with parents and usually you would be a guest at the wedding so kids get to know you and get familuar with you and usually by 7.30 - 8.30 you would take then to room which you would share with then. Perhaps shower or bath then and get them into Pj´s - usually they would watch DVD or Kinder or whatever before you would settle then to sleep and from friends experience €10 - €15 per hour would be the going rate I´d imagine. Cheers and best of luck with your adventure 🤣

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