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PE in Primary School

PE in Primary School           reply
08/11/2006 15:27 - Childrens Health
Can anyone tell me how much PE time their child has in their school timetable. My children have one hour a week which seems very little to me.

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09/11/2006 20:44 - Childrens Health
I am a primary school teacher. Yes, children have one hour a week for P.E as we have ten other subjects to teach.
There are simply not enough hours in the school day.
Children have so much time after school to exercise and play sport, why should teachers have to spend more time
teaching P.E? Parents need to get their children involved in sports after school to tackle the obesity problem. So
many of these children sit infront of the TV or playstation each evening for hours.

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09/11/2006 21:15 - Childrens Health
I agree Louise, it´s us as parents who need to instill in our children the need for exercise and healthy eating. Kids are involved in so many after schoo activites these days that there is plenty of opportunity to get excercise and sport outside of school. The thing that surprises me in our school is that we as parents in an ordinary national school have to make an extra payment each year towards the salary for a PE teacher so that our kids can have PE - is this the same in every school?

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08/11/2006 19:33 - Childrens Health
My kids school is the same - only one hour. It has previously been raised with the Principal who said that that is all the time allowed within the curriculum and that if more time were to be allowed for PE other subjects would have to be cut back. Seems hard to believe doesn´t it that with all the talk about child obesity etc there is so little time allowed for PE in schools.

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16/12/2006 14:26 - Childrens Health
We have no P.E. teacher so the only physical activity is in the playground at breaks. The parents association fund 8 hours a year per child from fundraising and the children then have a swim or sports session for the 8 weeks. There is a Buntús programme that is provided throught the sports council and in conjunction with County Childcare Committes and HSE, they train teachers to do P.E. Parents could look into this and assist schools in implementing it but possibly out of hours so it does not detract from other studies.Sports and activity are vital which is why many extra curriclar clubs outside of school now exist. It is great for the physical, social and mental development of your children.


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10/11/2006 16:02 - Childrens Health
Yes, a lot of schools have a P.E teacher and these schools ask parents to pay for the teacher as
it is not funded by the government. Our school does not have a P.E teacher.
Most teachers may be a little uncomfortable teaching strands like athletics and especially gymnastics
because of the safety aspects. (Having two adults in the room is a great help for these!).
This is why a lot of schools have their own P.E teachers.

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