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Parents with bad manners!

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21/07/2014 15:41 - Ask Mother Hen
I´m not sure it´s bad manners if you´ve applied for any job in the last few years there are so many applicants for every position they only let you know when you´ve been successful for interview stage. It´s not unique to parents this is agencies, government departments etc. not a shred of decency left anywhere. Just hold in there you´ll get something

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11/12/2014 13:02 - Ask Mother Hen
Im the other way around, have everything agreed before meeting, then first meeting lets parents see what they getting...iv a business facebook page n best thing ever as parents can view before they come...iv had few arrive n haggle over things like rate discussed, food, nappies etc, terrible waste of my time as I dont deal with them after that...iv no problem if parents not get back to me...

Parents with bad manners!           reply
21/07/2014 15:27 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Dublin North)
Does this annoy any other childminders? You see an ad looking for childcare and respond in good faith. The parents reply with initial questions and having received same do not have the manners to send a simple message whether they will avail of your service or not. It is the height of bad manners. Just another example of how childminders or undervalued. Would be interested on peoples views on this.

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10/12/2014 20:47 - Ask Mother Hen
I actually had a lady come to my house to meet me, sit and chat for over an hour then never got back to me.. People are very strange a simple no thanks would suffice.

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