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20/12/2017 06:51 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi I need help I have an agreement with the parents of the children that I mind that if I´m sick and can´t take their children I don´t get paid. But there was no agreement met about if her children are sick and can´t come to me. Should you still get paid if children can´t come to you or not?

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20/12/2017 19:09 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Its depends on your original contract, what you both understand and agreed to. Are you new to offering a childminding service? If you give an invoice add in the days child/ren off and see what parent/s say.
Registered childminders get paid for spaces so if child/ren sick/hols etc the space is available and requires payment for. Also reason registered get paid in advance, weekly, biweekly or monthly saves this issue.
Unregistered/uninsured its really the care you pay majority no care no pay. Major advantage of offering a professional service.

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