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Pocket Money

Pocket Money           reply
19/01/2018 13:27 - Teenage Issues
Just wondering what ppl consider an appropriate amount of pocket money for an 5th yr teenager ( boy in this case) ? I pay for a Leapcard, phone top ups, clothes, toiletries, uniforms, books ...ect.. so its really only for entertainment & socialising.

I´ve been paying out on an "needs basis" but its not really ideal and teaches nothing about management!

re : Pocket Money           reply
20/01/2018 13:04 - Teenage Issues
We give our 17 year old in 5th year €50 a month and also pay for his phone and leapcard. Works ok most of the time although needed a little extra over the xmas. Suggesting he try and get a p/t job this summer to try and build up a little extra as his social life gets busier and we won´t be increasing the pocket money in sixth year!

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