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Pre-school for 6-year old

re : Pre-school for 6-year old           reply
31/12/2013 12:10 - Ask Mother Hen
Honestly. I´d send him to school. Children learn language at a much faster rate than we do as adults. If your worried you can always hire a tutor to help him catch up.

Pre-school for 6-year old           reply
11/11/2013 20:27 - Ask Mother Hen
Hello All,
I have to move to Dublin for one year with my son (5yr old) and daughter (3yr old). Recently I came back from Slovakia to Poland and now both are in preschool. Next year my son should start elementary school in Poland but due to my work duties we can´t stay here. I reviewed IE school program and I see I can send him to school or preschool. I consider rather preschool as he is not able communicate in English yet. I understand during this year he could prepare for the school - from emotional/language point of view. I don’t believe he is able to start school in next year but I may be wrong. Can you advice if my assumptions are correct ? How the 1st year is intensive in school ? Do they have to study a lot ? Do they have any homework ?

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