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Primary/Secondary School teacher paid summer experience

Primary/Secondary School teacher paid summer experience           reply
19/04/2013 08:33 - Announcements
Primary/Secondary School teacher paid summer experience:

Two positions for a total duration of 4 weeks are available in the OXYEVOL project during the summer.

The successful candidates will be part of the OXYEVOL project(UCD) . OXYEVOL is a European Research Council (ERC) project that aims to investigate how fluctuations in the composition of atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide over the past 400 million years have influenced the timing of key evolutionary innovations in the history of land plants and contributed to major shifts in ecological dominance of different plant groups.

During 4 weeks in summer (to be determined by the candidates) two successful candidates (primary or/and secondary school teachers) will have the opportunity to be part of the group and to experience the UCD PEAC (Programme for Experimental Atmospheres and Climate).

The primary role will be to learn about the aims and methods of the OXYEVOL research team for 4 weeks. The aim of this experience is that the successful candidates impart their experience to their school classes and conveys the excitement and importance of science to his/her classes.

Read more about this opportunity here

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