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Private Vs. Public Schools - Pros and Cons

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17/10/2007 21:42 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Hi foodietwoshoes
I´m in the ´keep your options open´ camp. You have little to loose by putting your name down and can decide when the time arrives. I am all for supporting the local state run schools but not to the detriment of my kids. For example there are a couple of publicly funded secondary schools within easy travelling distance of our home - only one of which I would be quite happy to send my daughter too but I have no guarantee she will get in there. One of the others has improved significantly with a change of Principal in recent yrs so that may well be an option and I also have here name down there. However I also have the kids names down for a number of privately funded schools (not sure if I could afford them). My guess at the moment is that my daughter may well go to an excellent local all girls public school while my son may go to a fee -paying school which would be a decision based on the quality of the schools and the needs of my kids .

The point i am trying to make (in a long winded way) is that by the time your child is ready to start secondary school your preference with regard to the best school for your child my have changed depending on the reputation of the school, availability of places and your own child´s strengths/needs - so don´t put all your eggs into one basket as the saying goes - put your child´s name down and make the final decision later.

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18/09/2008 19:21 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
hi Ireneaus
1 hour sounds way too much homework for JI - especially in these early days! I´m curious about what you say about the "extras" maybe taking up the time of the regular schoolwork. I have experience of a problem exactly like that before and the Dept. definitely have rules on how much time is to be given to the curriculum. How do they fit the ´extras´ in - is it an after-school set-up or is the school day itself longer than the average? Do any of the other parents there have children in older classes - did they have the same experience of that amount of homework in JI? Perhaps its the particular teacher. What kind of homework is it - hardly much reading and writing at this stage?

Private Vs. Public Schools - Pros and Cons           reply
17/10/2007 21:19 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures

A friend of mine has put her child´s name down for a private school and was urging me to do the same. I´m not sure private schools are that much better than some of their public counterparts. Or maybe I´m wrong..please help me decide.


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18/10/2007 01:20 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Do you mean for primary or secondary?
As for secondary - agree totally with Esther.
But for primary, the state national schools are usually unbeatable (tho there may well be exceptions).

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18/10/2007 11:05 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
You´re right Ajna - both my kids go to a state national school which is very good and generally state primary schools are unbeatable. I had assumed (probably wrongly) that the query related to secondary schools as I know in Dublin many parents have to put their kids names down for secondary school as soon as the kid is born - how mad is that. I put my daughter´s name down for a couple of private secondary schools when she was in Snr Infants and she is still not high enough on their lists to get a place!

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19/09/2008 10:12 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Thank you for your reply. There is speech & drama during school time. School times are from 9 to 12.30 until xmas and then 2pm in the new year. They also have music lessons during school time, my child does not play an instrument. I believe this is during religon time. In regards to homework she has sounds in a copy that she has to know off by heart plus there would be words for that sounds as well. Also some words. There is about 30ish words. She has to be able to identify them. She may also have sheets to colour in. I suppose I didnt think that she would get this level of HW already. I understand that they have to follow the cirriculum, but Im not aware of anyone else getting this level of work so early on. I spoke to the teacher yesterday and she said to spend 10 minutes of HW with her and do something else then return to it as her attention span would not be able to any longer time. She reassured me that she was coping well and just needed to work on her writing. She said that most of the class had basic writing skill, hold the pencil properly and are coping vwell. My child did not have this and needed extra help.
I guess I thought this year was less academic than it is. Maybe times have changed.

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18/09/2008 10:32 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
My child started private school this Aug in Junior infants & I am very stressed out. She has over 1 hour homework every night. I feel it is excessive. the school has a excellent reputation but She has just turned 4 and I feel 1 hour is too much for her. I have spoken to other children in other schools around and they have no homework yet. Maybe I have put too much pressure on her by sending her there. They have extra activities ie S&Drama, music etc maybe these are taking up valuable teaching time. :(
Is anyone experiencing the same as I am in regards to homework ?????

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