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Punishment for bad behaviour in school

Punishment for bad behaviour in school           reply
26/04/2017 12:57 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi , I´ve a son nearly 13 in 1st year , since he started in secondary his behaviour changed , well he was similar in primary but not to this extent , he has been suspended 3 times this year , detention is just the norm at this stage I think for him , he basically seems to have no respect for teachers constantly messing , stupid things he could avoid, doing stuff he knows he shouldn´t, I dread everyday in case the phone rings and it´s the school. The Easter break was like a holiday for me too !! He always says I didn´t do it but I say the teachers are not lying and then it ends up in a confrontation shouting and I ground him . Now were just back and school rang ,not listening teachers so I´ve grounded him and he´s all angry now saying I´m trying but I say to him it´s obviously not enough if the school is ringing me .is grounding effective enough? am I the only parent having issues like this ?

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