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Questions on Second Level Schools

Questions on Second Level Schools           reply
16/03/2016 16:09 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures

I would be really grateful if someone could help me out by answering some questions on the school system in Dublin. My first child is approaching school-going age so I need some info clarified if possible. Our intention is to send our 2 boys to a good non-fee paying primary school and a private second level school.. I am based in South Dublin.

Is every primary school a feeder school for a second level school or is that only the case with a few schools?

If my child attends a school that does not feed into a second level school, is he at much of a disadvantage?

Is it difficult to get into fee-paying secondary schools? Neither my husband or I went to school in Dublin.

Do you have to be living within a catchment for second level schools?, as is the case with primary schools?

If I put our kids names down now for private second level schools - am I best off to apply to many different schools or just the one I want to get into?

Sorry about the basic questions - any help is much appreciated X

re : Questions on Second Level Schools           reply
17/03/2016 00:07 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
1.Most primary schools are feeder to a few different non fee paying secondary schools.
2. It depends whether the secondary school your interested in is oversubscribed
3. Depends on the fee paying school usually the earlier you put your childs name down the better.
4. No you don´t always have to live in a catchment area usually there is an enrolment policy in most schools when your interested in the school read through the enrolment policy some prioritise certain schools .. some prioritise the area the school is in..
5. Yes if your applying for fee paying schools I would put their names down for a few and closer to the time narrow your choice down

re... : Questions on Second Level Schools           reply
21/03/2016 21:52 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Thank you very much!

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