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01/08/2017 21:44 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Kildare)
Hi, I been minding 2 siblings for the past 2 years,have been charging 8 euro per hour,have them 8 hours a week over 3 days, i supply breakfast, dinner and snacks, drop to school {6/7 Trips }over the 3 days,school is approx 3 klms away {by Car}, I am registered for tax,but not with childminding ireland or tusla. days are changed all the time but the same amount of hours or slightly more, i was thinking of asking for more money as im not earning a lot after expences are taken out, any suggestions .Thank You in Advance

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01/08/2017 22:25 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
If your registered self-employed (assume youv insurance) (childminding Ireland is buying you membership personal choice) you are in a great position to increase your rates, decrease your expenses or even do both. Part time days €10+ an hr is very possible for two siblings.
Is it 8 hours over three days? If so charge a day rate that makes it worth your while. Some charge €10 an hr per child.
School runs start at €3 a run (or calculate the milage).
Cut out the food, huge savings for you never mind the hassle.
Many childminders are only just breaking even or earning little when they actually sit down and add it up. Charging appropriately to what is required by the family is vital. Don´t forget activities, toys, outings, treats, presents etc are all reducing your income too.

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