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Re-registration Fees and Voluntary Contributions

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15/05/2013 14:30 - Money Matters
It seems it is now! My concern is that there would be parents out there who feel they have to pay this and will go without. I understand schools are under pressure but there is only so much people can do, and everyone has their hand out.

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15/05/2013 14:15 - Money Matters
Gosh, I´ve never heard of a public school charging re-registration fees - is this a common practice? I can´t imagine too many parents would be willing to pay such a fee.

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15/05/2013 20:31 - Money Matters
That´s very, very strange. Is their a Parents Association in place that you could speak to? Or Parents reps on the Board of Management?

Re-registration Fees and Voluntary Contributions           reply
15/05/2013 13:49 - Money Matters
Hi Everyone,

In recent years I have received requests from my sons secondary school looking for Voluntary contributions (set at €250) and also in the last 3 years looking for an additional re-registration fee. This re-registration fee varied but this year I was incensed to receive a letter from the school last Tuesday 7.5.2013 looking for €500, €250 voluntary contribution and €250 re-registration fee, all to be paid by Monday 13th May! I rang the school and advised I could not pay this and could not get reassurance that me not paying this re-registration fee could have implications on my son. Firstly in this day and age to request €500 from families with 5 days notice is nothing short of disrespectful, €500 before a book ( he is going into 5th year so you can imagine!) and uniforms (which have to be purchased in specific shop), you are looking at the guts of €1000 to get one child back to school!! BUT HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PIECE..., if you receive a similar letter please do not pay. I contacted the dept of Education about this who put me on to the Governance Section which advised that public schools asking for this re-registration fee is illegal (their words not mine!) and if they do ask they are running the risk of having funding removed. They also said that a school asking for this cannot stop a child from returning to school. This was all laid out to the schools in a circular 0065/2010. If you get a letter from the school regarding re-registration fees please print this and tell them you are not paying. The Dept said they reckon schools asking for this are chancing their arm and if any issues arise were schools are refusing to take children back to contact them and they will deal with schools directly. PLEASE DO NOT PAY THESE FEES....THIS ASKING THE SAME PEOPLE ALL THE TIME HAS TO STOP. I am posting this as I posted this on FB and there was a huge response, which indicated this is a big prolem through the country, and I want to ensure everybody knows their rights to have their children educated FREE!!

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