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Repeating Seniors

Repeating Seniors           reply
11/04/2021 10:55 - School Specific
Hi all,
Was wondering if I could have some opinions/experience please on keeping child back a year.
I have a boy in Seniors showing signs if dyslexia (strong family history). Im concerned to send him on to 1st class after 2 half years of school so far due to covid.
If he moves on to 1st class there would be 1 teacher teaching 1st and 2nd, and week on week off with another teacher/workshare. This change in level of teaching attention concerns me also due to his poor reading and literature skills.

Hes otherwise bright and outgoing and unphased with his difficulties.
He is the youngest in his class (age 6 Dec gone) so if he did stay back he won´t be too old. He´s not a big built so he wouldn´t stand out if he did stay back. He´s the oldest in the family and abit immature at times so he could afford a year personally/developmentally.
He is friendly with most in class but no particular close friends. He doesn´t get on with the boys too much and he has been having issues with the boys ganging up on him. I wouldn´t say bulling just yet but he doesn´t like the ´mean boys´ and said during school closures how is misses school but not ´the mean boys´. I should add that I know he is no angel himself!!
He also has some speech stammering issues and I´m wondering would next years demand add to this/not help, or would a year of revision and less pressure academically help his catch up on literacy and time to work on speech therapys.
So all in all like to keep him back, i think it would be good for him, but haven´t approached the school yet.
My only reservations would be how would he mange socially. Would they have already founded cliques, groups etc?? He knows a few in the previous class and isn´t shy, but I´m wondering what are ppls experiences.
Thank you

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