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School term cost

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27/06/2016 21:14 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
You´re somewhat being taken advantage of!
I´d tell them you are upping the price to €9/€9.50 per hour and charging until 6:30
Draw up a contract tell them this will include snacks and dinner!
That would be as a start x

School term cost           reply
27/06/2016 19:32 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Clare)
I have looked after 2 sibling boys all school term. I had them for 1 hour in the morning and supplied breakfast. I picked them up at 3pm from school and did homework, supplied snacks. They always looked for more food and I obviously gave it to them because they were hungry. But there wasn´t one day that they didn´t ask for more. Now I was getting €8 per hour for it. But to be honest I feel that I´m buying up loads of food for them all of the time and it´s not really worth the €8. So I´m looking for advice on what I should do. They used to forget to pay me but this has resolved as I text them the night before with costing to remind them. The parents are always late too,most days by 20 mins or so but always early or on time dropping them in the morning. I have 2 kids of my own that do sports in the evening and I did say this at the start. I also feel that if I gave them a bit of dinner with my kids it might satisfy their belly. It´s no problem for me to include them in the dinner. But I want to be paid for it too. Any advice? I have them from 7.45 and drop to school at 8.45. I collect at a different school to my children at 3pm and have them till 6pm,but always till 6.15/6.20 pm. Thanks

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28/06/2016 08:46 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Agree with Peng, contract needed and enforce it, UK childminders and creches here have no problem charging late fee so perhaps something to be looked especially if you´d prefer children collected at earlier time as agreed. You probably need to be stricter too and enforce your times as unfortunately if one is bit soft some people will take advantage.
Food costs are unbelievable. I once for first time provided food and my hourly rate was €8 for one child afterschool. I actually had start special shop in the German stores or the €8 was soon eaten up. Your rate definitely needs looking at especially if youv fuel costs, toys, activities etc,,, add in insurance, first aid costs etc and you could very well be making a loss. Majority will also charge more per hour if term time only rates.

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