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Schoolbags - any recomendations?

re : Schoolbags - any recomendations?           reply
07/11/2008 11:37 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
I´ve found the Jansports bags good too - got quite a few years out of them. A bit expensive but do last. Can be found in most bag shops and a lot of sports shops.

re : Schoolbags - any recomendations?           reply
06/11/2008 19:54 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
I´ve used Sporthaus bags for years with my kids. dd in 4th year and has same bag since 1st yr. ds has one too and he has yet to break zips or anything. They are irish made too I believe. If near a camping shop/scout shop you should be able to get them. prob cost about 30euro I think but well worth it.

Schoolbags - any recomendations?           reply
03/10/2008 17:34 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
My daughter has just come home with her schoolbag falling apart - the second one this term. Having just moved to secondary school, I know the books are much heavier, but she is generally a ´careful´ child and doesn´t throw her bag around. The stitching has come undone on both bags and the zip has totally disintegrated on one! Before I spend out more on another bag, does anyone have any experience of bags that last longer than a month?

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