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Should childminders charge for bank holidays etc

Should childminders charge for bank holidays etc           reply
20/02/2016 13:24 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Dublin North)
Hi, I´m new to childminding and am currently in the process of setting up (self employed, insured, garda vetted, first aid etc). I have a few questions,
Do you charge weekly or monthly? What´s best?
Do you charge for bank holidays?
When do you take your own holidays, annual leave and how do you go about it?
What if I need a day off for a wedding, hospital appointment etc?
If I mind a teachers child, should I still get paid for midterm, Easter holidays etc if the parent has the child?

Thanks in advance.

re : Should childminders charge for bank holidays etc           reply
21/02/2016 10:09 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Best thing is set your rates and stick to it, look locally and see what they offer at what rate. As for bank holidays, I don´t charge as too much shock from parents...equally I don´t want work bank holiday for same pay, if I was asked Id need double pay. Ask if parents have back up so you´ll know how flexible you can be. Generally families pay their day off not yours though. However I know registered childminders who will charge their days off and holiday pay. Term only you can offer if wished, my experience teachers not want pay holiday time so option make hourly rate higher. Alot registered childminders refuse teachers kids if not pay all year round, it depends on what earnings you need to cover overheads and a wage you consider living.
As for weekly, monthly, majority registered childminders only work on payment in advance. If getting paid after youv worked definitely not monthly. Majority charge a months deposit and hold till end.

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