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Should parents be reported???

re... : Should parents be reported???           reply
03/05/2016 16:41 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
This is where policies and procedures are really important...duty of care and keeping a record could/would be important...parent could say it´s you why the poor child hasn´t a chance to heal a fellow childminder it must be heartbreaking to see but something I´d feel I´d need to act on.
Again having a healthy eating policy in your service would cut out any issues over continually unhealthy food. Parents would be made aware at a very early stage what foods are accepted. There are leaflets available from PHN you could source and pop in all bags, like national school teachers do and I think I remember my local playschool doing it also with my own.

re : Should parents be reported???           reply
03/05/2016 08:32 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
The fact of the matter is, all us childminders can do is advise the parent of any issue we see fit to discuss. After that, not our business in afraid.. Yes some parents surprise me but you have to let it go. Advise & let it go..

Should parents be reported???           reply
10/04/2016 00:23 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi there,

i would appreciate some advice on my problem below.

I have a child who is left in to me every morning with a bum so raw that there has been puss coming out of the blisters and they have also bled. I´m blue in the face telling the mother to bring the child to the doctor and get some medication but she tells me he´s fine. This child is 2yrs and 4months old, I have had him for over a year and this problem has been ongoing for months. I´m tempted to bring him to the doctor behind the woman´s back but this would be really stepping on toes, I KNOW THIS but it really is that bad! She also told me before that she doesn´t like to bath him as its not good for the oil in his skin. She brings the child swimming on a Saturday and thinks that the chlorine is enough to get him clean. I nearly got sick when she told me this.

I have 3 daughters and I could never imagine thinking it´s ok not to wash them or leave them with a bleeding bum. How on earth is this ok?

As a childminder you really do meet some people with "interesting" views on parenting.

I was minding a beautiful little 18month old baby girl last year. She was a lovely child but she was absolutely ginormous, to the point I could barely lift her. The poor child was pure fat. Her mother, who was a whippet, brought her 4 fried sausages and some peas EVERY day along with some Liga. The sausages were white from the grease. After a week I decided to throw them out and I cooked her the same as my own children. I gave her lots of vegetables with chicken and rice and healthy soups etc. She had no problem eating anything. I pleaded with the father to bring other food or let me continue cooking but he was having none of it. Needless to say it didn´t last very long, only 5 weeks. I should also mention that she was so heavy that her legs were kind of caved outwards and she could not walk properly because of it.

I know I´m having a rant but COME ON!!! Why do I seem to care more about these children than their own parents?

Am I over reacting??? Should I just suck it up as they are not my children?

Thanks in advance 😳

re : Should parents be reported???           reply
12/05/2016 19:05 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Yes they should!
I´m a teacher and we have a duty to report so you should too. That is neglect! If something happened later down the line you´d be so annoyed that you didn´t do anything to help. At least ring social services and get some advice. Can you report anonymously?

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