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Sibling Bereavement

Sibling Bereavement           reply
30/05/2013 19:34 - Childrens Health
Hi,just wondering if anyone has dealt with the bereavement of a sibling of a child in their class. I currently teach 4th class and recently one of my pupils lost a sibling. The situation was quite sensitive as it was known that the sibling wouldn´t survive once born but yet had to go the full 9 months. I have to say the child has been amazing as regards talking about it, he/she has been very open to me about the topic and the sibling is always spoke about with a smile on the child´s face. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with a similiar situation and hoping to get advice on how to deal with the topic in class as I was hoping to do something in class in memory of the baby. Thanks.

re... : Sibling Bereavement           reply
02/06/2013 15:15 - Childrens Health
Ok. Thanks for your help.

re : Sibling Bereavement           reply
31/05/2013 15:04 - Childrens Health
You might find the following resource for schools on the website Child Bereavement uk useful

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