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Standard rate feedback?

Standard rate feedback?           reply
18/02/2014 22:10 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Dublin South)
Hi there,

Just wanted to get some feedback on this topic. I read through some previous posts and think it is ridiculous that some people think it is ok to charge 5euro per hour on long day shifts.

I will be fully qualified in May in Early Childhood Education and care with numerous years experience with working with kids. My hourly rate for minding and evening babysitting is 10euro an hour from 1-3kids. I know plenty more people that charge from 11-12 depending on the circumstance.

I know childcare is always a difficult and expensive sector but think of what creches and day care would care to send 1-3 kids there full time for a month.

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19/02/2014 15:30 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
iv heard the rates are 5 euro for 1 child, 3 euro for a 2nd child and 2 euro for a 3rd child. However, most people are not willing to pay 10-12 euro per hour. i have minded 3 kids for 7 per hour day time and night time.

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19/02/2014 22:45 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
minderofchild i agree with everything you wrote.
i have fetac level 6 supervision in childcare ,up to date first aid,child protection garda vetting and lots more .i think it puts SOME parents off because they
think you will be too expensive !
i charge 5euro per hour per child.

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19/02/2014 16:06 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Its normally €10 per hr in childs house, €5 in childminders house for one child, €8 for two children and €10 for three children. I do €7 for two children and do offer a daily rate.
While parents love qualifications etc most parents arent willing to pay for them for various reasons, cant pay/wont pay. I refuse to work for nothing/low wage, especially if it undermines my self worth. However I do want to work so mustn´t price myself out of the market....its a fine line.....a bird in the hand and all that!!!!!

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