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Starting School with a Speech Disorder

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21/05/2009 20:08 - Pre-school / Montessori
Have you spoken to the primary school about the difficulties and has an application been made for Resource Teaching for this year? How is your little boy´s behaviour?

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22/05/2009 07:46 - Pre-school / Montessori
Hi Julie

Thanks for your advice.

We are living in Swords and he would be attending our local school. The resource hours have not be applied for yet as we are waiting months on an assement of need to be done. We were told it would take place in May and I have not heard from the assesment officer and cannot get a hold of her!! However the principle is aware that my son would require these resource hours and has asked me when I get the assement done to come and see him with my son and to also bring the Speech & Language assesment along and he would make the application, however because of the delay in this it it causing a delay in me being able to move forward and I assume a delay for the principle to make the application, would I be right in saying that? I might go ahead and ask to meet him anyway and let him access my son and get his opinion on it.. do you think that might be the best thing to do at this time?

Starting School with a Speech Disorder           reply
21/05/2009 09:24 - Pre-school / Montessori

Looking for a few opinions please.

My son was 4 last January, he has a speech disorder. He in currently in a montessori school and attending Speech and Language.

I have him enroled to start school this September however I have been advised by our speech and Language therapist that maybe another year of montessori would be best for him as school may cause him upset and frustration with not being able to express through speech his wants/needs etc..

For me another year of Montessori is not a problem, I will do whats best for him but my concern is that he will be 4yrs 8mths this Sep turning 5 in January 2110 whereas if I wait to start him Sep 2010 he will be 5yrs, 8mths turning 6 in the January of Junior infants.. do you think this is too old?

I would appreciate your opinion as I cannot make my mind up on this one!!


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21/05/2009 17:08 - Pre-school / Montessori
A certain amount depends on where you intend sending your son to school and what experience the school may have with this kind of difficulty.
I would be inclined to send him this year to primary school. With this diagnosis, your son should be entitled to 4 hours resource teaching which should be a big help. That could also be a help for the school to liaise with the speech and language therapist who has been working with your son and giving direction to the school on how best to work with your little boy.
I am a principal of a large primary school with a lot of experience dealing with similar difficulties. I would be happy to give you any advice I can. Approach the school as soon as possible. I´m not sure what part of the country you are based.

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22/05/2009 17:16 - Pre-school / Montessori
Certainly. Go ahead and arrange a meeting. In the meantime, try to explain the urgency of getting the assessment done. May is nearing an end now so if you don´t hear anything on Monday, I would pick up the telephone and keep ringing!

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