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Sten scores

Sten scores           reply
26/06/2014 10:56 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi could I ask parents about how valid are sten scores in assessing a child´s abilities. My son gets 100% or quite near to in all class tests and he seems equally as bright as his sister whose teacher suggested sending for the CTYI exam. She was 2 percentiles off qualifying. My son also did the CTYI test and he too was just 2 percentiles off qualifying. The crux of my query is daughter would score stens of 8-10 but my son would be more 7. However I know from my sons work that he is as good or better than his sister despite the stens. I feel that too much store is put on these scores by teachers instead of using their abilities in class which surely are more accurate than 1 yearly test. Love to hear what others think. Thanks a mil

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