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Stubborn daughter

Stubborn daughter           reply
20/06/2018 13:01 - Miscellaneous
Hi all,
I have a 16 year old daughter. She has been acting very weird since a few days. I think it’s the “teenage” making her like this. She always picks up fight with her younger brother and is always angry. She is too stubborn and gets what she wants.
Now she has come up with a new demand. She is saying that she wants to get a brow lift procedure done. She has tired and sleepy looking eyes. She wants to get rid of that. She showed me some pictures to know how good it is.

She tells me that her friends are making fun of her eyes and she cannot handle it. I told her we can wait longer and get it done after a few year, but she is adamant about it.
But isn’t she too young for this? Is there any age specification to get this done?
I am really worried for and I don’t know how to convince her. Will it work like this way for my daughter?
Please help me.

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