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Swimming and the curriculum

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28/09/2007 17:15 - Afterschool Care
I can see why a school doesn´t want a child leaving the class during school hours, must be v hard to keep track otherwise..also, if it´s part of the curriculum I suppose they have to be able to say that at least the child is "on site" if not with the class

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07/04/2008 16:53 - Afterschool Care
Im a PE teacher, there are seven strands in PE curriculum, Aquatics is one-which is where swimming fits in, it is part of school so a child should not be leaving school early because he cant participate due to medical reasons. He should eb accomodated by the school elsewhere as they are doing.

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28/09/2007 08:32 - Afterschool Care
Hi Kaitlin

I´m no expert but I would imagine that if the school offers swimming as part of the curriculum and it takes place within normal school hours then it would fairly normal practice for the school to require a child to remain in school even if they are not participating. Quite a few children have to seek exemption from PE for a range of medical reasons and would be required to remain in school, either as a spectator to the class or to go to another class while PE takes place so I would think similar rules apply for swimming.

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14/05/2008 21:14 - Afterschool Care
Under the 1998 Education the School is liable.
I dont really understand your difficulty.
I would imagine swimming will done in 8/10 week cycles,
therefore normal PE will resume in school.
Schools must be seen to treat all students equally.

Swimming and the curriculum           reply
27/09/2007 21:00 - Afterschool Care
Hi I am looking for some advice on swimming as part of the curriculum. My son is aged 10 years old and suffers from constant ear infections. I have for this past while been keeping him back from going swimming with the school as the water aggravates his medical condition. Up until now I have been collecting him from school at swimming time and taking him home. I am now being informed that as swimming is part of the curriculum I have to leave him in school and he will go into another class to do extra work. I am not happy with this set up and wanted to know if anyone can offer any advice on the subject.


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