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Time Keeping & Attendance

Time Keeping & Attendance           reply
21/06/2011 15:29 - Ask Mother Hen
I am at the end of my rope here & am hoping for some advice please.
My husband is responsible for dropping & collecting our son to & from school daily.
At the last two parent teacher meetings (he is in Snr Infants) his (Daddy´s) time keeping was brought to my attention, aparently this is usually just a few minutes (ie other kids are saying prayers / taking out books), but obviously it is disruptive to the teacher & class, to say nothing of the very bad example it is setting for our son. In my mind I cannot expect him to obey all the other rules if Daddy flaunts the time keeping rules like this.

Each time I raise the topic with my husband he gets all defensive & assures me the teachers are either lying or exaggerating. Now I´m no fool & realise the teachers would have no reason to mention this two years on the trot if it were not an issue. Fast forward to today & I get a call from my husband to say the the little lad missed school today because he (his dad) slept it out!

It´s simply not possible for me to drop him off in the mornings - I have to work as I have the better job (husband self empolyed & things not going very well right now) and am in an industry which has very early starts (7.30 - 8am most days) our son doesn´t start school until 9.05. Very often I have early meetings so can´t even phone to ensure they are out the door (but lets face it I shouldn´t have to anyway).
I am absolutely hopping mad today over this & am wondering if there is anything I can do? If I were to ask for our sons attendance records is the school obliged to give them to me & will these show whether he was late & by how long?
I really want to give my husband a good big fright - I have tried everything else at this stage and this was just the last straw today - any advice mych appreciated & sorry for the rant

re : Time Keeping & Attendance           reply
22/06/2011 09:56 - Ask Mother Hen
It seems that you are taking all of the embarrassment and comments about your son being late while you are not the one breaking the rules! Let your husband attend the school meetings either with or without you so that he can listen to the criticism himself. In the meantime, why not ask the prinicipal or teacher if they can arrange to meet with your husband to discuss the problem. You are not the one responsible for taking your child to school on time so maybe it is time that you stepped back and let your husband deal with the school on this matter.
Good luck!

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