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What difference will food costs make to rate

What difference will food costs make to rate           reply
06/06/2018 10:13 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi everyone

I´m asking a child minder to give 2 rates 1 with food provided by her 1 food provided by me Its for 2 children 1 to be minded 8.30 - 4.30 (breakfast lunch and snack drinks) 1 older 8.30 - 9 then 2 - 4.30 so hot meal after school maybe a piece of fruit too We are rural Thanks in advance

re : What difference will food costs make to rate           reply
06/06/2018 20:57 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Very difficult to comment on actual difference as it probably will depends on where she shops, how she shops etc and she may have meal cooked anyway. I don´t provide food for preschoolers as a childminder but its for the convenience of it...iv no meal planning, shopping, cooking, find it safer, can do trips out etc. I find younger kids eat more when its their own food from home as suits their tastes etc.
My afterschoolers for example I budget 1.50 spend for their snack each evening as only here an hour (fruit, yoghurt/rice pot/yoghurt drink, bagel/filled wrap/pancakes/waffles with banana on top, drink, end of week treat, really what my own will have). Fruit specials, special offers in shops etc are great, SuperValu have 8 yoghurt drinks for 99c for the last while. My afterschooler had started on her third pear this eve when she was collected.
Not sure if the above helps as a parent wondering but if you were asking as a childminder I´d be saying add up your food costs/labour especially when you say rural area as the rate with food offered could well be working for very little per hr. See what the rates are, be great report back here for discussion.

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