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What to charge neighbour/friend

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13/06/2014 12:09 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Its long enough hours, five days n two small ones....make sure you price it so you feel its worth it financially or it will very quickly feel its just too much work....have a trial run for the summer n see how you enjoy it.....dont forget you lose alot of your freedom..try not to stress n enjoy your own esp as summer hols.....I would be looking at 65 for those hours...yes expensive but I provide a great service n dont charge for hol pay, bank hols etc

What to charge neighbour/friend           reply
13/06/2014 10:27 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay (Locality: Galway)
Hi everyone. I have recently been asked by a neighbour/friend to mind their 2 little boys for a few weeks during summer? Although I feel this could end up being permanent. I know they have 2ish jobs but are still finding it really hard to financially cope. I found myself in such a situation a few years ago and would love to be able to give back because I know the level of pain and stress they are in. My question is how much in my home mon-fri 8-5. Ages 1 and 3. I cannot do for free as I couldn´t afford that for lots of reasons. I guess I´m sounding off really. My children suffer if I do this and they suffer if I can´t. OMG what to do. Seriously stressed. Even my 6 year old asked me this morn "what´s wrong".

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