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after hours

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23/11/2013 21:59 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
yes your right 5euro is not a lot and its about your child ,do you want to
upset and disrupt him three years is a long time.
a chat clear the air and put your child first .
act in haste repent in leisure in what my mother used to say.
good luck

after hours           reply
22/11/2013 23:35 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I pay my childminder 40 euros to mind my 4 year old son.
She minds him from 8am to 9am before dropping him to Montessori just around the corner from her house. She then picks him up at 12am and look after him until 6 pm 5 days week. I provide meals, snacks, milk bread etc.... I pay 40 euros per day and 50 when he´s not going to school.
She has been minding him for over 3 years now. I drive then take the train to go to work in Dublin
She has recently asked me to pay an additional 5 euros if I happen to be late ( 15 minutes to 30mn ) . the Lateness would be caused by traffic or issue at work and does not happen often
I don´t agree with this amount , I think this is too much.
can you please let me what you think as I am thinking of changing childminder , I feel she is trying to take advantage of me.

many thanks

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24/11/2013 06:25 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I suppose the way to look at it is would you work extra for free, I douth it.
I also childmind and occasionally have to mind over collection time due to the old HRA. However I also know when this extra time is going to occur and I have no problem with this as someone said you could get a early collection and recently I was given extra day pay for few hours worked late. Equally Iv often taken in kids bit early in morning, i do know a person who will not answer the door untill the stroke of the starting time.
If you child is happy Id pay the €5 when it does occur but have the agreement in place if you collect early this balances the late out. However once a father picked up child early and said straight out this early will cancelled yesterday eve late...not impressed!!!! Hours agreed are hours agreed!

re : after hours           reply
23/11/2013 21:14 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi there,
I too mind children, and have looked after them after hours due to rush hour traffic etc, I would never ask for any extra for this as this is beyond their control and wouldnt happen very often, you take the good with the bad, sometimes they collect early too... so its swings and roundabouts. I would talk to her about this, if she is a good minder it would be a shame to lose her over a fiver. I think your rate is very good, and she should not push her luck.. good luck.

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