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all the sudden won't go to pre-school

all the sudden won´t go to pre-school           reply
10/03/2008 23:15 - Pre-school / Montessori
Ok - I need help from both sides of the fence (ie, teachers and parents). My DD (3.5 years old) started pre-school (Montessori) in January 08. The first month or so was fine and then all the sudden, she was crying and saying that she didn´t want to go to school This weekend was the worst - every day she asked if she was going to school. I discussed it with her tonight and she said that she didn´t like the people at the school - subsequently she mentioned that the teachers hit her and weren´t nice to her. The action she used when telling me about the hitting was like cuffing the ears. Now this is an action she would have never seen in our household even in jest!
I have told her that she doesn´t have to goto school in the morning - but I am wondering the best way to resolve this. I don´t want to accuse the teacher of anything - I have no idea if I am understanding DD correctly. But I don´t want to let my DD down! If this is happening, I don´t want to force her to stay. I also don´t want her to think that we don´t work to resolve these issues.
Any advice anyone has one communicating with DD and also with the teacher would be most helpful!

re : all the sudden won´t go to pre-school           reply
22/11/2008 17:45 - Pre-school / Montessori
hi there my son was like that going to play school he is now in primary school he kept crying every morning when i drove near the playschool he use to have a tuck in his heart from crying i asked the teacher what was their someone picking on him etc but she told me no. there was about 12 kids in the same room i dont know if it was that or not i left him for another week and then changed him to another one and he was quite happy there. i would go up to the teacher and expalin the situation and see if she says anyting you hate see your kids going into shcool like that. is it your first child if so he/she might be too attached to you. i would get it sorted as soon as possible good luck

re... : all the sudden won´t go to pre-school           reply
22/11/2008 21:09 - Pre-school / Montessori
Hi there - thanks for the response. Very kind of you to reply.
We actually found that the preschool we were sending our DD to was one that didn´t provide enough structure and discipline for our DD to feel comfortable. Changed preschools this year and she´s flying it!

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